jeudi 23 octobre 2014

Une place Nelson Mandela à Draveil, Essonne 91 sud de Paris

Une place Nelson Mandela à Draveil, Essonne 91 sud de Paris.

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dimanche 19 octobre 2014

Patrimoine gastronomique français (avec ma contribution) / French food heritage (with a featuring of mine)

Avec ma contribution :)    /    With my contribution :)
Une contribution de moi-même sur les pages de cours de l'Université de Plymouth au Devon en Angleterre, Royaume-Uni. Pour des étudiants en français.
A featuring of mine on course pages from University of Plymouth in Devon in England, United Kingdom. For students of French language.

Voici le lien / Here is the link  =>

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U2 > News > 'You Asked. They Answered.'

U2 > News > 'You Asked. They Answered.'

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U2 > News > 'Chasing Down A Dream...'

U2 > News > 'Chasing Down A Dream...'

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 3, iMac Retina 5K… Ce qu'il faut retenir de la keynote d'Apple / Apple launches new iPad Air2 and iPad Mini 3

Tim Cook a présenté, lors d'un show dont la firme de Cupertino a le secret, ses nouvelles tablettes, aux caractéristiques techniques encore plus poussées. 

APPLE this morning launched a bid to revive iPad fever, revealing two new tablet computers that are thinner, faster, and offer a better camera and more features than their predecessors.

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Le nouveau billet de 10 euros (BCE) / The new 10 euro banknote (ECB)

Découvrez le nouveau billet de 10 euros et ses signes de sécurité : il suffit de faire le tri, toucher, regarder, incliner le billet. 338 millions d’Européens plus forts ensemble avec l’euro.

Version française


Discover the new €10 banknote and its security features – just feel, look and tilt. 338 million Europeans - stronger together with the euro.

English version

5 YouTube Stars Your Mom Wouldn't Know About

Forget Jennifer Lawrence and Ryan Gosling — these YouTube names are the ones popular teens with today.

Have you heard of SmoshPewDiePie, and Michelle Phan? Well, they're currently all the rage with teens and you won't find them in movies, TV, or books—they'reYouTube celebrities.
PewDiePie is actually more popular than Rihanna on the video-streaming site. Something called Stampy Cat is more popular than Katy Perry. In July, Varietyconducted a survey that revealed that YouTube stars are way more popular with American teens than mainstream celebs such as, well, Katy Perry and Rihanna.
So, who are these YouTubers and why are they capturing the hearts of millions of teens everywhere? Let's take a look at five of the most popular ones.

See Your Favorite Disney Characters as Humans

Minnie, Mickey etc...  all look pretty cool as real people.

Disney has a great way of humanizing animals, making them relatable, lovable, and even a bit sexual (don't act like you never had a crush on Simba). However, it's clear that no matter how human-like they are, Flounder is still a fish and Abu is still a monkey. But with a little bit of Disney magic, that's all about to change.
Thanks to Japanese artist Chaico, we now know exactly what our favorite animal Disney characters would look like if they were humanized. These fast, anime-esque sketches are extremely intriuging, super adorable, and have us craving more. 

'Fantastic Beasts': Warner Bros. Confirms Release for 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off

The film adaptations of J.K. Rowling's 'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them' will be released in 2016, 2018, and 2020—with possibly more sequels to come in the future.


Emma Stone in 'Cabaret': Meet the Newest Sally Bowles

Emma Stone smolders in her first Broadway role.
Step right up and see Emma Stone take the Kit Kat Klub by storm. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we finally have a first look at the actress playing the iconic club singer Sally Bowles in the popular Broadway musical Cabaret.

Mélange de jeunes et vétérans | Courte piste | Autres sports | Sports | Le Journ

Mélange de jeunes et vétérans | Courte piste | Autres sports | Sports | Le Journ