mardi 11 septembre 2007

N'oublions pas... / Don't forget...

Un petit bonjour à tout le monde.
11 septembre 2001 - 11 septembre 2007, ça fait 6 ans déjà ! N'oublions pas surtout pour les victimes et j'espère que la paix se fera un jour entre toutes les communautés et religions ! Par solidarité pour cette journée nous sommes tous américains. Comme je n'oublie pas non plus ce qui s'est passé un 11 mars 2004 en Espagne à Madrid et en Angleterre à Londres en 2005. Même Paris a été frappé par le terrorisme.
Paix, amour, amitié, joie à tout le monde.
Gros bisous à tous !!
Good morning, afternoon or good night everyone.
September 11, 2001 - September 11, 2007 ; that made already 6 years ago ! We have to don't forget this for the victims and I hope that peace will be done one day between all the communities and religions ! In solidarity for this day we are all americans. As I don't forget either what occurred on March 11, 2004 in Spain at Madrid and in England at London in 2005. Paris was even hit by terrosrism.
Peace, love, friendship and enjoy for all.
Hugs and kisses to everyone !!

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Anonyme a dit…

Thanks for posting this sweet message. We can only hope that with time we can all learn to love each other and become friends. After all, we live in the same planet! ;o)
I think everyone should remember this day in their hearts because we were all victims and in those towers there were nationals from many different countries around the world, and they died the same. It's not an American thing, we're all in it together. peace!